V i n t a g e P a p e r + S i l k C o l l e c t i o n

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. . . I am excited to share with you a new collection of work I made exclusively for Hawksby’s in Haworth . . . 


. . . Alongside a good selection of ruler items I made a series using my signature oxidised silver settings but this time selected intriguing sections from a vintage illustrated wild flowers book and from a selection of Kensitas silks, both from Hawksby's owners' own collection of vintage treasures. It was wonderful working together to create this unique collection . . . 




. . . The vintage woven silks were produced in 1933 and 1934 as sold inside Kensitas cigarettes for people to collect. There were about 100 different flower silks produced, each depicting a different flower and stored inside a card sleeve with information about each flower, and they are gorgeous!


. . . Both work so well in the jewellery, the papers are so delicate, the old illustrations are beautiful and the silks give such a beautiful shimmer to the surfaces . . . 


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  1. Clare

    Thank you Kathleen, I noticed your email first so have replied there, but yes they are just new at Hawksby's, so new they aren't online yet! In my email reply I have offered to send you images of all pieces with silk and can ask the gallery for their prices on your behalf. Thank you for your message, I love that they are getting love already! And look forward to hearing from you.

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  2. Kathleen Vaughan

    These are glorious!! Are any of these works still available? I looked at Haworth's site and don't see them there (yet?). As an artist who works with textiles myself, I find the whole Kensitas story and your revival of the works totally fascinating!

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