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. . . Another engagement commission, this time two matching engagement rings for a post lockdown proposal and birthday all in one, the reciever expected a duck so imagine the suprise!

pair of narrow wrap rings

. . . They partner ordering wanted them to both have my classic narrow wrapped rings as you can find in my online shop in silver

. . . I am happy to make my designs to suit you, for example, you may prefer this design in a narrower, or wider fitting, or a longer strip wrapped to make a chunkier version, or in gold, and of course to your size. If you are unsure of your size, let me know and I will post you a ring sizer. Customers often buy an available ring that can be used for the proposal, or as the gift and then sizes and designs can be discussed afterwards

. . . Feel free to ask and I can let you know what is possible, we can work to your deadline (these rings were done in a couple of days!) and give you quotes for any variations


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