The main material that I work with is sterling silver. You will find this in either a textured matt white finish, or textured black finish. The black is created by oxidising the sterling silver. This is a process that intentionally speeds up the tarnishing that silver natural goes through.

I also use postcards, maps, stamps and occasionally old photographs. I use the original found papers, not photocopies, so they are unique and can often be around 100 years old. Perspex is employed to cover and help protect the ephemera.

You will also find, 9ct yellow gold tube rivets used in the construction of my pieces, quality semi-precious gemstones, antique mother-of-pearl buttons, and antique boxwood engineering rulers.


Please use Silver Clean or Silver Dip on purely white silver items to maintain the matt white finish. It is an easy process of submerging the item in the liquid for a minute or more if necessary, then rinse well and pat dry gently.

Oxidised silver should be cleaned using warm water with a soft clean old toothbrush and pat dry well. If the oxidised item is combined with paper then a soft clean dry cloth can be used to remove any grease.

Please avoid water on items with paper, the perspex is there to help protect the paper but is not air tight. Should water get under the perspex, remove item and leave to dry naturally. The perspex has been given a brushed finish to avoid obvious scratches.

Rulers can be cleaned using a regular cleansing wipe, and dried with a soft clean cloth.

I advise you keep your purchases in its original box to avoid them from being scratched, and to keep them away from direct sunlight. Also please avoid spraying them with perfume or other similar chemicals.

Every purchase will arrive with care instructions.



Postcards vary in base colour from off white to brown with the occasional dusty blue or green. As I use original postcards, you will find a unique fragment of handwriting in each piece I make. I only use postcards written with ink which can be in blue to black and sepia.


The stamps I use in my work are original single colour printed old stamps and come in various shades of red, orange, pink, purple, blue, green, grey and brown.


I also use old linen backed maps which have a beautiful graphic quality and depth of colour. I am often asked for specific areas in the UK to include in a gift that is significant to the receiver, I may already have the area, or I can usually source it. If you require a specific area, let me know where it is and I will see what I can find.


I occasionally use old black and white photographs of people in my pieces. I usually keep photographs for one off items, but I am happy if you would like to send me a photograph of a loved one that you would like to archive into a piece of jewellery to wear and keep close to you. Just let me know what you would like and we can work on something perfect for you. Please bear in mind the scale of the image you want to use and the size of the piece of jewellery.


If you are ordering a handmade to order item featuring paper, or if you would prefer to have the choice, please purchase the item online as usual and during check out there is an opportunity to send me a message to request a selection of postcards, maps or stamps to choose from. I will email you with a selection currently available and you can let me know what you would like to be used in your piece. Or email me before purchasing if you prefer.

Please feel free to contact me