The materials you will discover through my collection include Sterling Silver, often oxidised. Oxidising is a process which speeds up the tarnishing process that silver natural goes through. It creates a deep black colourway which compliments the other materials I use. Original old ephemera, I do not use photocopies and the papers are often around 100 years old. Perspex is employed to help protect the ephemera, 9ct yellow gold tube rivets, good quality semi-precious gemstones, antique mother-of-pearl buttons, and authentic old wooden rulers.


Please use ‘Silver Clean’ or ‘Silver Dip’ on purely white silver items to maintain the matt white finish, it is an easy process of submerging the item in the liquid for a minute or more if necessary, then rinse well and pat dry gently. Clean purely oxidised silver items using warm water with a soft clean old toothbrush and pat dry well. Oxidising can wear over time which brings out the textures I have given the silver, but if you prefer, they can often be re-applied for a small fee plus postage, just send me an email. Please avoid water on items with paper, the perspex is there to help protect the paper but is not air tight. Should water get under the perspex, remove item and leave to dry naturally. Papers can be replaced if you would like your item to have a re-fresh, just get in touch for a quote. Rulers can be cleaned using a regular cleansing wipe and patted dry afterwards. Please avoid storing items with paper in direct sunlight, I advise you keep it in the original packaging which will also save it from being scratched.

For futher information, please get in touch