Please check that you are giving the correct ring size when ordering a ring. To make sure, you can either visit a local jewellers for a fitting, or I can post you a plastic ring sizer for you to do at home, just email me to request a ring sizer and provide your postal address.

When sizing, on the finger you would like the ring to be worn on, slide on the finger sizer and adjust until it is comfortable. Make sure the ring is snug, not too tight that you have to push it to get on or digs in when it is on your finger, and not so loose that you would worry it might fall off. You only need to place it on the finger with the smallest push over the knuckle, but there needs to be a little more pull to take it off.

It is best to test for your size when your hands are warm and usually later in the day, and perhaps try a few times over the course of a day to make sure you are happy.

If you are ordering for a surprise it would be best to find a ring that you know fits the right finger of the person you are buying for and take this to a local jewellers to get the correct size.

When ordering a wider band, they can feel tighter than a narrow band so please add half a size once you’ve made your finger measurement.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss ring sizing further.


Ring Conversion Chart

Ring Conversion Chart