A b o u t

After graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 1997 with a BA (Hons) in Jewellery and Silversmithing I received a Start-Up Grant in 1998 from the Scottish Arts Council to establish my workshop and business in Edinburgh. Over the years I have won many awards, had work featured in publications, taken part in many exhibitions and fairs, and have supplied galleries and museums in the UK, USA, Japan and across Europe. I continue to design and make one-off and limited edition jewellery to exhibit and sell through selected galleries and shops


Gathering old postcards, usually around 100 years old, all featuring handwriting is my starting point. The handwriting is unique and full of character, telling stories and hinting at everyday lives throughout our history

Contrasts of writing styles and characters are important, and combining them result in new conversations

As well as postcards I collect stamps, linen maps and old wooden rulers. Gathering old materials creates a unique and inspiring starting point for making

History, heritage and our urban environment are a constant source of inspiration


Once the papers and rulers have been gathered, sections are extracted creating intriguing hints of the original meaning

New metalwork elements are created with pattern and texture that reference our urban environment; then the old and the new are combined and contemporary stories emerge

The metalwork is made from silver which is often oxidised for a depth of colour and to allow papers to become the highlight. Yellow gold tube rivets are employed in constructing the pieces of jewellery and reference an industrial landscape