My Dear Mary,

A couple of months ago I was asked to make two necklaces and earrings using a letter sent to the customers mother from her parents. It is always a treat to make pieces using peoples treasures. I appreciate it when customers trust me to work with their treasures, I always make sure we have made a copy before I do! I can use copies, but really prefer to use the originals, it doesn't make sense to me to use a copy, and if the customer has plenty of similar written treasures, then this makes it easier! 

I always start by showing the customer some options of areas we can take from the papers. I do this by layering the ephemera with paper viewfinders, cut with shapes that match those in the jewellery that need to contain the fragments of papers. So the customer is sure about what we are doing before I go ahead and of course I return any unused paper with the completed work.

There are two necklaces in this special order of the same design so that the customer can gift one to her sister, which helps determine who gets to keep the treasures I think. The customer was delighted with the final pieces . . . 



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